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Tap into Your Brain Power – 5 Tips That Help!

For entrepreneurs, their minds can be the greatest asset they possess, especially during these life-changing times. In general, an entrepreneur’s brain is certainly configured differently from others. Studies have shown that when it comes to identifying and selecting opportunities, a founder entrepreneur’s mind thinks differently. But this brain power needs to be maintained. The power of our brain will improve with use, just as the power in our bodies grows with exercise. An essential element of achieving continuous success and preserving it is keeping your brain active, interested, and inspired. WWD outlines five ways to help you do just that. 

Be consciously curious

Research has shown the value of curiosity in the mind of a business professional. After experimenting with two different groups, one given the task of asking the “why” questions throughout the day and the second just to reflect on the work, the “why” group resulted in being more creative, innovative, and could remedy potential challenges they faced. Cultivating curiosity made the difference. 

Exercise your mind early in the day. Instead of just breezing through breakfast, the latest headlines, or your daily meetings, take a second and ask yourself the “why” questions. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the day, so stop and be curious. 

Read, Read, Read

Studies reveal that an average person may read one book a year while an executive can read up to five books in a month. Business magnates such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Cuban have a reputation of being book lovers. Reflecting on how the brain needs to be exercised, reading can be compared to the necessary cardio that all our bodies need. Despite the fact of having the electronic versions, reading off printed materials has several benefits, among them increased retention and the ability to build up your focus. With a paperback book, you eliminate the distractions associated with the interactive electronic materials, thus fomenting a type of focus that can allow an individual to enter a more productive mental zone. 

Continue to Educate Yourself

More than ever, education has taken over the virtual platforms. There are an endless array of colleges and universities offering online courses, video lectures, and even short certifications in several fields and specialty programs. Webinars and podcasts can be found on many subjects. One CEO commented that in their experience “the most successful entrepreneurs are those who have an insatiable appetite for learning; they’re always looking to improve.

Find Accomplishment in the Ordinary

If we allow it, our brain can find ways to keep itself engaged, regardless of the task. Every endeavor we pursue will have its dull facets. Even though the entrepreneur lifestyle may seem to be all glam and glitz, the true professional knows they will take on any task, even the less enjoyable ones. Especially when a company is starting up, detailed duties that have to be done can be boring. When confronted with these obligations, try to avoid the distraction of playing music or your favorite podcast. Rather, use your brainpower to think about what’s at hand and how you can improve even what may seem like a simple and repetitive task. This will help you gain better focus in general and have a sharp find for big problems later on. 

Pay Attention, Tune In, Just plain listen

Listen to what is going on. Don’t close your ear to advice or new ideas. Time and again there are examples of lost business opportunities just because an executive was set on his perspective and not open to tuning into other ideas. Surround yourself with individuals who will challenge your perspective so you can be more open to new possibilities and prospects. Think of it as a good stretch for your brain that can lead to greater motivation and innovation. 

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