Stones Marble Scented Candle by Baobab Collection


Add eternal elegance to the home with this Marble Stones scented candle from Baobab Collection. Created by adding colour in the mouth-blowing stage of the vessel making, this candle has a marble inspired design with swirling black strokes edged with beige. Both opaque and translucent at once, the vessel beautifully replicates the stone after which it was named and takes on an ethereal glow when lit. Filled with notes of leather, tuberose and berries, it has a woody aroma with a fresh fruit tang. Key features: * Scented candle * Fragrance notes: leather, tuberose, berries * Dimensions: H16cm * Size: 1kg * Burn time: 150 hours * Inspired by cool marble stones * The colors in the glass have been inserted as it’s blown * To create a material both opaque & translucent * Like the stone after which it’s named * Beautifully reflects the light when lit

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