Shine Conditioner by Alo Yoga


Hair that’s ultra-smooth, bouncy, bonded and shiny on the daily in a clean formula. Moisture-rich, strand-perfecting amla oil from nature’s most antioxidant-rich fruit, plus powerful, vitamin-dense botanicals deliver high gloss, fight frizz and nourish lackluster locks. This ultra-moisturizing formula brings high gloss and weightless strength, penetrating even sweat-distressed hair for a fresh feel and vibrant results. NET WT. 10 fl. oz (295.7 ml) e Bonding & shine-boosting conditioner for all hair types Fresh, light grapefruit scent Powered by nature’s most potent botanicals and antioxidant-rich amla superberries Vegan & cruelty-free Made clean in California Shine Conditioner, Size: 10 oz / 295.7 mL

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