Keto Meal Bars – 12 Pack by Real Ketones


The Feel-Good Energy Bar Skip the gummy, sugar-filled bars for a grab-and-go option that you can feel good about. Our keto bars give your busy days a boost thanks to the delicious flavor and pleasant, whipped texture- unique to our bars! A Bar Unlike Any Other Finally, a low-carb bar that can satisfy your sweet tooth while supporting your health goals! Our three delicious, decadent flavors are packed with protein and our D-BHB ketones to help keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day. Now with added electrolytes so you’re able to keep hydrated and curb cravings while you’re out and about! This treat features a one-of-a-kind, fluffy, creamy consistency that keeps our bars light on your stomach while providing you with brain-boosting MCTs to help you stay full and focused! ‡ Sweetened with natural erythritol and stevia for a delicious taste without the carb crash! ‡

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