Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga by Peter Sterios Black / Paperback | Manduka


Transform your yoga practice into an intimate, creative, and healing experience in this refreshing guide to yoga in the modern world. In Gravity & Grace, innovative yoga teacher and MANDUKA founder Peter Sterios shares a unique set of practice principles to help anyone – from beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers – revitalize their approach to yoga by tuning into the subtle body. In this groundbreaking book, Sterios helps you embrace the full, healing potential of yoga as he shares wisdom gained from over 45 years of exploring yoga and the subtle body. He teaches that by developing a sensitivity to how the natural forces of gravity and grace are at work physically and psychologically, we become empowered to confidently decide how to practice each day. For teachers looking to deepen their offerings, students who want to bring a more personalized and healing experience to their yoga practice, and anyone working with physical limitations (from injury, body type, age, or any of the myriad obstacles humans face), Gravity & Grace is the “no-style” yoga guide you’ve been waiting for.

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