Listen To Your Body; It Knows Best

There are times we all feel like our body must be a liar—when we get a big pimple right before an important date or when we bloat before a black-tie event or a high school reunion. Or maybe when we melt inside looking at a picture of the person we’re no longer with and really wish we weren’t feeling that way. In those moments, we long to believe our body is a traitor. The truth is your body cannot lie. It is always going to be truthful—it knows no other way. Its sole purpose is to take care of yourself and work hard on your behalf. Our body is constantly giving us signals to let us know what’s off or amiss. That pimple? It could be your body signaling that your hormones are off or that your new face cream isn’t a good fit for your skin, or it could be an emotional message for you to be kind to and accepting of yourself. To connect to the body, we have to get quiet. We need the space to feel into what sensations our body is experiencing. Once we take the time to learn to feel what our body’s signals are when we are uncertain, uncomfortable, excited, in love, and terrified, we can use our body’s signals as a guide, pointing us in the direction of our truth.


How to explore and listen to what the body is trying to tell you


As you complete these steps over time, you’ll have an idea of how your body gives you truthful information, and you’ll be able to access this at any time.



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