How to Finally Get Started on the Big Goal

How to Finally Get Started on the Big Goal

You may find yourself constantly putting off your most important professional goals in favor of more pressing matters. Maybe you have a skill to master, networks to build, or targets to smash. But between meetings, email, and your regular to-do list, there is no time to work on that big long-term goal. Procrastination, uncertainty, self-doubt, or indecisiveness drive us to neglect our big dreams. Here is how you can stop procrastinating (finally) and start making progress where it matters:

Invest in a coach

Coaching is not just for athletes. You might be one of those people blessed with colleagues who encourage, guide, and support you. But even the best cheerleaders lack the expertise to lead you toward your goals. A coach will provide accountability, manage your performance, and guide your investment in your growth. If you cannot afford one, look into cheap or free options. YouTube videos are an option.

Set a deadline

For most people, a deadline has tremendous power to inspire action. Clients and friends can give us deadlines. But we can work around this by signing up for coaching or a class. It is easy to commit to doing something. It is much harder to follow through. IF you have purposed to learn a skill, it helps to sign up for a class because you will spend time learning. And you have other people to hold you accountable. When you set a deadline, you need to share it with other people so that you have people to hold you accountable to it. Tell someone close to you about the course you want to finish. Talk about the book you want to finish writing by the end of the year. You will have a much higher chance of getting it done.

Never stop learning

Do not let the achievement of your goal become the end of your journey. After you have had your big moment of success, continue getting better. Learn more and do more. Challenge yourself by embracing opportunities to do things that are a little outside your comfort zone. If you want to Deejay, find low-pressure opportunities to do it. Once you have gained confidence, you can start charging market rates. To hold on to your newfound skills or behavior, find ways to make them part of your daily life. Join a community of native speakers if you have learned a language. Or travel somewhere for a while to immerse yourself in it. Set new fitness goals if you smashed your goals. Read another book on the subject matter.

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