Editor Picks: Upgrade your Office Chair

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WWD knows that a good office chair will boost comfort, better your productivity, and improve posture while eliminating back pains. With all these factors weighed in, here are some of our preferred selections to give you all those benefits and more.

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

The Embody chair stood out to us with it’s ability to allow you to move naturally into the most healthful seated postures, distributing your weight evenly to reduce pressure and increase circulation, automatically. A beautiful piece of functioning art, the Embody will also accommodate your home’s decor: choose from 16 color options and 3 base finishes to match almost any room.


Think Office Stool by Steelcase

WWD is aware of our community’s heath needs as they work. The Think Office Stool is a great addition to your office or home office with features like integrated LiveBack System that conforms to your body, a weight-activated seat, and adjustable arms for arm, wrist, and shoulder support.


Liberty Office Chair by Humanscale

We love the style, form, and function available in this ergonomic chair by Humanscale. Unlike any mesh chair you’ve experienced, this one combines all the benefits of traditional mesh seating breath-ability, durability, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal with the body-friendly support of contoured foam cushions. With many more features, you will love it as much as us.


Ergochair 2 by Autonomous

WWD found this selection to be very versatile and practical with its construction providing back support, preventing back pain, and improving sitting posture while being colorful and bright.


Setu Chair by Herman Miller

Winner of Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year product award, the Setu Chair is an excellent pick for your needs.  Selected for its uncomplicated frame, which focuses less on gadgetry and more on the comfort of the people who use it, it’s lightweight, low-maintenance, and, thus, completely versatile. It can also be a winner in your book.


Leap Executive Office Chair by Steelcase

We were drawn to the Leap Executive chair due to its commitment to helping you be productive. The chair enables people to work comfortably in a variety of positions has a number of features to suit any person, including 26 unique patents to improve comfort, upholstered fixed arms, a headrest, and a flip-up pillow.


Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

This is WWD’s pick of a great work chair that is also environmentally friendly.  The goal of its design is to create a task chair that would enable an unprecedented sense of freedom for the sitter in a design that delivers the most comfort with the least materials. With its cool, organic look you can place this chair almost anywhere and still have the comfort and support you need.


Avochair by Autonomous

If you’re looking to be frugal and still have a productive workday, The Avochair is our pick for you. It has a sleek and functional ergonomic design with clean, minimal, and flowing lines that can stay within your price point.


Cobi Conference Room Chair by Steelcase

We don’t want to forget the conference room. This chair was made to be the ultimate collaboration tool – led by research-backed evidence, designers set out to create a chair with minimal manual adjustments and maximum comfort in which hours-long brainstorms and meetings could be spent. The Cobi’s many features include a Flexible design with an elastomeric top edge, weight-activated adjustments, and a cogent Connect 3-D fabric.


Mirra 2 Chair Triflex Back by Herman Miller

Here is WWD’s favorite for the compact yet powerful chair. The Mirra 2 has a completely reinvented Harmonic tilt that provides balanced support when you switch positions. It also features Mirra’s Butterfly Back, a hybrid design of polymer veins and merged fabric layers,  which means an intuitive ergonomic response for a healthier workday you don’t have to work for.




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