Breakaway: Giving the Mind Some Room To Roam

Do you ever feel like your mind lies, sends you in circles, manipulates you, or gets you way off track? This doesn’t mean that the mind can’t help you with useful facts and information to guide your choices, but the mind has too much capacity for fear and logic, and sometimes these things interfere with the truth. Don’t depend on your mind for your truths. This is not a request to stop using your mind. Rather, it’s an invitation to listen to your body for the truth and use your mind to determine how best to follow that truth. The body gets to give the answers for the what and where. The mind gets to help you with the logistics of how. The best way to use the mind is to get it in sync with your heart. Here’s a quick process:


  • Get quiet and still. Breathe deep.
  • Focus your attention on your head and feel all the energy there.
  • Pull that energy down into your heart space. Breathe into your heart space.
  • Ask the divine—or any spirit or angel you’re comfortable with—to allow your heart to be the leader and your mind to be the follower.
  • You may feel a slight body shudder, be moved to take a breath, or feel an electrical pulsing sensation. Or you may feel nothing, and that’s okay, too.


Moving forward, when making big decisions be sure to get quiet and centered and put your attention on your heart space instead of your headspace. You can also repeat these five steps anytime you feel your mind is in control when it should not be.


Work Well Daily Team
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