4 Awesome Benefits of Team Building Exercises

Teamwork is part of what makes companies successful. If your team isn’t getting along and feels disjointed, morale goes down, quick. Studies have shown that up 87% of employees are not engaged at work. As we know, disengaged employees are also less satisfied, less productive, and more likely to leave a company. If there’s a lack of camaraderie in your office, it might be time for some team-building work. Team building exercises allow for coworkers to work together in a fun, low-pressure setting. Plus, it brings together departments within companies that might not otherwise get to collaborate on a daily basis. Ultimately, it creates an environment where leadership, friendship, and creativity can grow. For companies with bigger budgets and time, a retreat is a great way to reconnect. Smaller companies might find short, problem-solving activities work better. Team building doesn’t have to be a snooze fest, either. It should be engaging and playful for participants to get the most from it. It can be as wild as a day of paintballing or as calm as an office party with some icebreakers and board games. The healthiest company environments offer unique opportunities for collaboration, and team building exercises are no exception. It rallies workers around a common goal, which then spills over into the workplace.

Team Building Exercises Build Trust

Even if your team building activities aren’t literal trust falls, employees who participate in team building learn to trust one another’s judgment. During vigorous team exercises, they’ll refer to one another for new viewpoints, talents, thought processes, etc. That type of trust in one another’s opinions will take root in work projects, too.

Improves Communication

Everyone communicates differently, and with an office full of different personalities, it can sometimes present a challenge. Team building exercises — like an escape room — gives colleagues a chance to show how they best communicate. Working together on an enjoyable task helps coworkers connect in a way that they can’t in high-pressure work environments. Plus, outrageous and/or competitive activities can bring even the shyest of employees out of their shells.

Reinforces Company Culture

When managers make team building activities a priority, it proves to new and seasoned employees there’s more to the company than just work. Encouraging employees to unwind and connect allows them to come back to work with refreshed energy and respect for the company’s overall mission. 

Fosters Creativity

Some of our best ideas come during times when we aren’t technically working. When workers engage their playful sides, they activate a side of their brain they may not generally use at work. Lighthearted play and challenging activities encourage employees to look through a new creative lens to tackle problems — a technique they’ll bring with them to work, too. 

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