Pomegranate Ice Bucket from The Met Museum


This elegant ice bucket styled after a pomegranate evokes two remarkable Egyptian bottles (ca. 1295-1070 B.C.) in The Met collection. Likely brought over from western Asia, the pomegranate didn’t arrive in Egypt until the beginning of the New Kingdom, after which pomegranate trees were grown in Egyptian gardens. Pomegranate juice was prized as an astringent and a drink, often added to wine. The yellow jar in the Museum’s holdings probably held sweet juice for drinking, while the smaller green vessel, which evokes the fruit in its unripened state, may have held sour juice reserved for medicinal purposes. Good Earth was established in 1996 by studio potter Anita Lal, who made it her mission to revive the languishing practices of kumbhars, or village ceramicists, in her native India. With a sensibility for sustainability and a discerning eye for design, Lal built Good Earth into a leading label that operates at the intersection of traditional artisanship and luxury retail. Visually striking and responsibly crafted, each piece encapsulates the bold beauty of the Indian subcontinent. This item was created for the Heirloom Project, led by designer Madeline Weinrib. The initiative celebrates the 10th anniversary of The Met’s reimagined Islamic Wing by seeking engagement with global artisans who pursue historic techniques and design principles. The Heirloom Project commemorates The Met’s Islamic art collection, supports the Museum, and endeavors to preserve traditional craftsmanship.

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