PSF-1W Handheld Shower Filter by Pelican


Transform your shower into a healthy spa experience with our Pelican Premium Shower Filter. The vast majority of harmful exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering. Remove over 96% of dangerous chemicals and contaminants as well as unpleasant odors from your water with this 3-stage water filtration system. The sleek patented design offers a revolutionary dual-flow shower head featuring your choice of 2.5gpm (gallons per minute) or a water/energy saving 2.0gpm. This premium shower filter is easy to install, has quick and simple filter change and an average filter life of 9 months. Start rejuvenating and moisturizing your skin as well as softening your hair without chemicals. Reduce dry skin, flakiness and rashes while improving your overall health. The Pelican Premium shower filter is available in white.

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