Fall Protection Training – Course by 360 Training


What is Fall Protection Training? This course covers fall prevention measures required in the construction industry. We’ll discuss the areas of a job site that require fall protection and the types of protection that might be used, including guardrails, safety net systems, and personal fall arrest systems. We’ll also discuss how to inspect fall protection equipment. You’ll learn about your employer’s responsibilities for fall protection, such as identifying and evaluating fall hazards, creating fall protection plans, providing training, and selecting fall protection measures compatible with the type of work being performed. Who Should Take Fall Protection Training? All construction personnel covered by OSHA’s fall protection standards must take fall protection training. That includes workers, supervisors, and managers that work near or supervise any area that requires fall protection: leading-edge work, hoist areas, formwork, rebar, walkways, excavations, roofing activities, and wall openings. Workers who inspect, investigate or assess job sites prior to the actual start of work are exempt from OSHA fall protection standards. Note: OSHA has a separate set of standards for General Industry (non-construction workplaces). This course does NOT satisfy training requirements for non-construction workplaces.